Our Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Services

Best Fire Alarm Installation Service Engineers in Birmingham

Design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring of all types of Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Systems.

Be Safe, Be Protected

Fire alarms and emergency lighting systems are design to give advance warning of a fire and ensure anyone in the building escapes as quickly and safely as possible. Around 80 of single-site businesses never recover from a fire.

E2 provides a complete solution for your Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting requirements, from design and installation to on-going service and 24/7 monitoring. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit different building types, applications, and Fire Alarm Installation in Birmingham.

All work is undertaken to British Standards BS5839 (Fire Alarms Installations Birmingham) and BS5266 (Emergency Lighting) and in addition we operate the BAFE SP203 scheme, a solution which many companies find affords them peace of mind whilst providing significant savings on their insurance premiums.

Protecting The Houses and Family From Fires

One is so content if their premises are well guarded even when they are away. It’s not just the premises that one is worried about but the young kids or elders at home also need to be checked once in a while to see that they are doing well. Even if one has a baby sitter or a nurse to take care of the babies and elders but they also need supervision. One other aspect that makes installation of security system important is the fire. The accidental fires due to short circuit are the most reported negligence and has taken many lives and caused loss. Fire Alarm Installation Birmingham, offers the detection equipment that is very sensitive and hence helps in prevention of any fire outbreak. The heat detectors and smoke alarms are priority of Fire Alarm Installations Birmingham, as even a small flame can turn into big accident and danger to house, kids, elderly and pets inside the house.